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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented.

While many believe closures were necessary to flatten the curve, more than half a million Tennesseans have filed for unemployment since March 15.

TOP Data, a marketing and business insight firm, crunched the numbers. There are one-third fewer jobs available now than there were this time last year and nearly four times as many job seekers.

But, let’s get to the good news. The company’s CEO Ben Kaplan said the economy is expected to recover much quicker than it did after the 2008 crash.

“There’s a better opportunity for recovery simply because there isn’t something fundamentally wrong with the economy and a lot of the 2008 recession was driven by problems in the real estate sector,” said Kaplan.

After several months of zero positive movement on the job front, there’s hopeful news.

“Right now,” Kaplan said, “There’s actually new jobs being created nationally. Over 3% in the past 10 days alone.”

TOP Data scourers to see exactly what’s available. “In Tennessee, it’s ranked currently 27th in the country but there’s over a 2% increase of new jobs created,” explained Kaplan.

That equals more than 15,000 new jobs statewide. Of those 5,816 are located in Middle Tennessee, more than 4,000 are entry-level jobs, 736 mid-level and 15 are for senior-level positions. Roughly 300 openings are unspecified.

Kaplan said there’s more encouraging news, “in Tennessee, we’re starting to open up more things, what we expect to see is the creation of jobs to get even stronger.”

If you’re a job seeker Kaplan said there are three things you should do now:

1 – Look at your core skills and then push the envelope.

Explore adjacent industries where your skill-set may be transferable.

2 – Create an online profile.

“Certain kinds of jobs you wouldn’t normally have a LinkedIn profile, make that profile now. Showcase and show up in different places,” said Kaplan.

3 – For your job search, don’t set it and forget it.

“Things are changing so fast so quickly,” Kaplan said, “New jobs are opening up every day. You have to continue to repeat your search.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the Tennessee job market, but there is still work to be found. News 2 digs deeper into where jobs are available and how you can improve your chances of getting hired in Nashville 2020: Now Hiring. Click here to find additional coverage from the special series.

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