NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — If done correctly, the job hunting process should feel like its own full-time job.

That’s the belief of Drew Trotman, the founder of Clearpath Careers, a Nashville-based career coaching company.

“You have to treat it like you’re in sales, because everyone is selling themselves,” he explains.

“Whether you’re an attorney or sweeping floors, or you’re shuffling paperwork, you are selling yourself and your services.”

Trotman has coached countless people on the art of landing a job, providing clients with tips and tricks of the trade.

He shared his top three tips with News 2.


Do your research. Learn everything there is to know about your new potential employer: the person and the company.

Trotman says that will give you the upper-hand on other applicants and prove you really want that specific job.

“That’s impressive to me. That tells me they are really dedicated and excited about working for me,” he explains.

“Employers want to hear that you don’t want to just work for anybody. You want to work for them and them only.”


His second tip may seem obvious, but Trotman says following simple directions seems to be an issue for so many people applying for multiple jobs at once.

“When you’re applying online or elsewhere and they say something very specific like ‘please tell me in your cover letter why you want to work for me or our company’, I can’t tell you how many people ignore your instructions,” he explains.

While many of us have admittedly made that mistake, that simple error could significantly lower your chances of getting the job, or even lead a potential employer to toss your application altogether.

“As an employer, if I see you ignoring my instructions just to get the job, then I know you’re going to be worse once you get here,” Trotman says.


More often than not, landing the perfect job can be as simple as knowing the right person, or someone who can connect you with the perfect potential employer.

“We live in such a digital age now that people will apply online and they’ll apply by the dozens or hundreds of applications without really thinking through it, and they tend to get buried down to the bottom of the pile,” Trotman says.

He advises checking with close friends and acquaintances, including members of your place of worship or people you volunteer alongside.

“Call people, email people, talk to people. you really have to turn over every rock when you’re looking for a job.”

Social networking can be incredibly useful, as well.

Trotman says an estimated 75% of white-collar jobs are found through LinkedIn, while Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help connect you with other people in your field.

“Use your network. Let everyone you know, know you’re looking for a job and the specific kind of things you are looking to do,” he says.

To learn more about Trotman’s tips and Clearpath Careers, click here.

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