Notre Dame investigation focused on 23-minute gap between fire alarms


The French say Notre Dame will rise from the ashes.  

Donors are pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild the Cathedral after yesterday’s fire. 

After an incomprehensive day, scores of Parisians joined together near their beloved Notre Dame and mourned a cathedral that for the better part of a millennium has stood at the heart of this great city.        

New video offers a dramatic look at the apocalyptic scene that greeted hundreds of first responders Monday evening. They fired millions of gallons of water but still couldn’t save the cathedral’s spire, or its wood roof.   

A man named Andre said, “There is no roof, part of the roof is uh has disappeared and some water leakage is downstairs and uh, just a nightmare.”

So what happened in Notre Dame? The first alarm sounded with tourists inside at 6:20 pm Monday. Inspectors searched the building then but found nothing.    

Then came another alarm at 6:43. This time, there were flames and it was too late.           

That 23-minute gap is now the focus of an investigation authorities say will be “long and complex.”         

“I haven’t got a lot of words. I’m a bit lost for words,” said Simon Jones. 

So many people were speechless today. But then came news.

As devastating as this loss is, this cultural catastrophe could have been worse. 

The cathedral is, in fact, structurally intact. And French President Emmanual Macron says he will lead the effort to build it back in just 5 years.       

Macron said (translated) “I deeply believe that we are going to change this disaster and work together and reflect deeply on what has happened, what we are, and what we can do.”

The investigation into what caused this is still underway. Authorities have said they’ve ruled out arson. They’re leaning stead towards a restoration project that went wrong, and that right now is needed more than ever. 

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