NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Construction projects and developments are popping up across Nolensville, and Mayor Derek Adams has plans to continue expanding.

“My goal is not to just pack Nolensville with as many people as possible with no vision,” Mayor Adams told News 2 in October.

A multi-million dollar infrastructure plan could bring new homes, new retail space, and new walking and bike trails. But not everyone is buying in.

At Thursday night’s commission meeting, several residents publicly addressed the mayor and board of commissioners about issues the development could cause.

“I think you’ve heard our concerns about too-rapid expansion, too high density, too high traffic concerns, school concerns, neighborhood traffic, flooding and drainage concerns,” one Nolensville resident said during public comment.

Main concerns centered around traffic and congestion in neighborhoods and on main roads.

“When you dump an extra four to five, maybe six thousand people in Nolensville, it’s going to impact the traffic greatly,” another Nolensville resident said.

Mayor Adams previously told News 2 his plans include expanding roads and adding things like turn lanes and roundabouts to cut down on traffic.

But still, not everyone is ready to face the growing pains and lose the small-town feel of Nolensville.

“You are driving residents to leave and you are not being fair to existing residents,” another Nolensville resident said.

To watch the board’s full meeting, click here.