ONE YEAR LATER: KK the courageous reflects on the community support that helped her beat cancer

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NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KETK)–A year ago this week many East Texans were introduced to K.K. Nelson, a young girl from Woden, Nacogdoches County, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Since then various local communities have gone above and beyond, showing their love and support for K.K. and her family.

With only a few days until December, 25 KK, her mom and friends could be seen baking christmas cookies, a treasured tradition for families during the holidays.

For this family it wasn’t always like this.

One year ago, for young K.K. Nelson, it was a miracle just being home for Christmas.

In 2018 she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer, but her condition improved enough to be home for the holidays and now a year later things are as normal as they can be.

“It feels pretty normal to just do the same things like going to school and then coming home,” K.K. Nelson said. “It feels just the same when I first started before I figured out I had cancer.”

It has been a wild trip around the sun for this bunch.

It all started with a glimmer of hope, in mid-December K.K.’s condition improved enough for her to go home.

Then a welcome home parade followed, then a blood drive in her honor, then she was recognized at the rodeo, then she was recognized at basketball camp, she was part of Dancing with the Stars Nacogdoches and more.

“You don’t realize how much your community cares but we come from Nacogdoches and it’s very close-knit and loving and every time someone is need everybody comes together and really shows up and shows out,” said Brittany White, K.K.’s mother.

“It was really weird to see that lots of people knew me around the world,” said K.K.

K.K.’s grandmother, Anita Scott, the mastermind behind the original parade, has stayed behind the scenes enjoying every second of the love and support since everything started.

“I’m so proud of my family and how well they’ve dealt with all of this and, of course, it’s because of the community that we’ve been able to be so strong,” Scott said.

Astonishingly, this wasn’t the first time this family made waves with a big Christmas surprise.

Nearly a year to the day before K.K.’S parade her uncle came home early from a deployment to surprise his dad at the rodeo in Las Vegas.

These back to back Christmas surprises raise the question, are they in store for another Christmas surprise this year?

“Oh my gosh I hope not, no,” said White. “We just need a low-key Christmas this year. We got this little girl.”

K.K. and her siblings were surprised with a puppy.

“We got her yesterday night, her name is Frankie,” said K.K.

“Yeah so that’s the biggest surprise I hope we’re having,” White continued.

The family continues to look forward to Christmas and what 2020 have in store as things go back to normal.

“She’s doing really well, she’s back in school, hair is growing out,” said Scott

“(her hair) is just unruly, it takes more time to get her hair done in the morning than it does mine,” White continued.

“And we’re just living life normal and just enjoying and being thankful for every day that we have,” said Scott.

Through K.K.’s story of love, support and her triumph over cancer, we all were able to see how much each and everyone of us matter.

As this chapter in the young girl’s life comes to a close we’re reminded of how valuable life really is especially in this holiday season.

Merry Christmas.

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