March Madness tips & hacks to stay on top of your game at the office

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The country is gripped by madness with a March fever plague spreading through offices. The big dance kicked off this morning with games being played well into the midnight hour. 

But before you call off work for a madness fever you might want to find other ways to watch the game and stay productive at work. 

Brad Caldwell from Russellville held a watch party with his coworkers at La Huerta Restaurant because he says keeping a positive attitude at work is just as important as watching the game.  

“We get a lot of time off for Christmas but we don’t get time off for March Madness,” says Caldwell. “I think we should propose a bill that says that we need the first two days of March Madness off as a national holiday.” 

A new survey says the average worker spends at least 6 hours of a workday checking social media or watching games for highlights – costing companies an average of four billion dollars. 

Nearly half of professionals (46-percent) say they’re all in when it comes to celebrating sports events at the office, according to a survey by Office Team. 

Some 62-percent of workers say they check scores while they’re on the job and 33-percent say while they aren’t big fans, they still go along with all fun.

Here are some ways to stay productive during the month of March.

1. Listen to the game on a smartphone or computer (use headphones) 

2. Check highlights on your smartphone 

3. DVR your team’s game and watch later  

4. Take mini-breaks at work and check social media

5. Go to lunch during the game

Experts say allowing workers to enjoy the games even for a few minutes can boost office morale. Overall, March Madness shouldn’t be a productivity killer, rather it should boost your energy because you’ll be rooting for your team.

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