Good Samaritan helps save woman from burning car

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LAFAYETTE, La. – Shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday, Alfrelisha Thibeaux and her family finally got the opportunity to meet the man who she says saved her life. 

“We truly give God all the glory and honor and we thank you Connor Manuel for following your assignment from “God” we can’t express our thanks enough. Of all the vehicles that passed in that time frame “GOD” choose you!!!!!!!!

Connor Manuel of Eunice had no clue that while driving down I-10 that he would encounter a woman six and a half months pregnant sitting in a vehicle about to burst into flames.

Thibeaux of Lafayette says she drove onto the shoulder of the road after hearing a noise coming from the engine of her car.  Shortly, thereafter a man pulls up. “My first instinct was to tell him; you know I’m okay my fiance is on the way,” Thibeaux explained.

Instead, Thibeaux got out of her car. She says seconds later the hood to her vehicle shot-up.

“I just made it to the ditch; to not be caught by the fire or any objects that might be flying around.  It was just in time.  As soon as his hands went up to say get out, I did.” 

Manuel says when he saw the smoke coming from her vehicle and that she was still sitting inside, he had to help. “I believe she just figured it was a little smoke at first. It happened to be a lot more than radiator smoke.  It turned into a big ball of fire,” Manuel added.

Thibeaux says she’s grateful for Manuel and his willingness to risk his life to save someone else. “I’m just happy to be alive and well with no scratches no anything,” Thibeaux stated.

In a Facebook post, Thibeaux also thanked her good samaritan for staying until he knew she was okay.

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