COSMETIC CONCERN: Popular face mask brand causing burning and discomfort for users

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – People of all ages and genders, across the country, got more than they bargained for after purchasing a popular face mask. The paper mask is made by the brand ‘Yes To’ and many consumers say it left them burnt and in pain.

“It stung so bad that I could barely open my eyes and my eyes started to water,” said 13-year-old Lauren Moore.

She is no stranger to at-home masks, so picking up the Unicorn Paper Mask by the brand ‘Yes To’ was an easy decision for the teen.

“It had caught my eye specifically because of the shiny packaging and how like kiddish it sort of looked, so I thought it might be fun to try on,” said Moore.

However, just moments after application, Moore felt an intense tingling sensation that she says eventually felt like her entire face was on fire.

When she removed the mask that promised to brighten the teen’s skin, she was left with a burnt and bright red face.

Lauren Cruz, owner of La Vie Med Spa in Tyler says you should be careful when choosing what to put on your skin, no matter what the packaging promises.

“Some of them have amazing marketing and that’s the hard part, that’s the kicker that gets us, we see anti-aging, we see glow, we see refresh or hydrating and cheap, it’s a reasonable price,” said Cruz.

When it comes to the ‘Yes To’ Unicorn Paper Mask, Cruz said the packaging touts vitamin c for brightening

“The very last ingredient was vitamin c, they market that mask as glowing skin, vitamin c is what gives you a glow,” said Cruz. “Vitamin c is like kind of quenches the skin, adds a little extra bit of hydration, that’s going to give you that nice glow throughout the day, but when you add 20 chemicals or ingredients, I won’t say they’re all chemicals, but 20 ingredients and that very last one is vitamin c, you’re getting a minuscule amount.”

The brand voluntarily recalled the mask a little over a week ago, while they investigate several claims from consumers.

KETK did some shopping at several retail stores in Tyler to see if we could find the mask, and while we weren’t able to get our hands on one, we did find many of the other face masks by the company that customers claim have burnt them. We found the complaints on both the ‘Yes To’ website and the recall post on their Facebook page.

Overall, Cruz said a visit to a skincare specialist is a consumer’s best defense.

“You can usually do a free consult anywhere, like you can here at La Vie, check in with someone that’s been doing it, years, and they have that knowledge, they can really give good tips, just be smart, be really careful about those ingredients,” said Cruz.

Also, if what’s inside those packages is cause for concern, experts suggest making home-made masks, so that you know exactly what you’re applying on your skin.

For the exact recall information, check out the statement below.

**We have voluntarily decided to discontinue this product due to reports of skin irritation. Please return the product to the retailer where purchased, if it has not been used, for a refund or contact Yes To at or by phone at 888.929.3786 if you have already used the product.

-Yes To

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