New timeline of 911 calls shows Waffle House shooter took 4 lives in mere seconds

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The Antioch Waffle House shooting that killed 4 people took place in less than one minute. 

According to the Nashville Emergency Communications Center, 42 seconds elapsed from the time of the first shot outside the Waffle House to when the shooter fled from the building.

“We also understand from the police department that the shooter was inside the restaurant for 27 seconds,” the ECC said in an email.

As News 2 reported last week, there are two Waffle House restaurants on Murfreesboro Pike and police were originally dispatched to the wrong location.

In the wake of that report, the EEC released a timeline of the first five 911 calls it received. It shows the calls were made within 17 seconds of each other.

3:24:33 Initial call answered—Caller does not know the street address and is unable to verify the cross street.
3:24:44 2nd caller – does not know the address, but into the call gives the numerical of 3532 Murfreesboro Pk 
3:24:49 4th caller cannot give street address, but further in the call gives 3571 address  (call taker sends up the call to South Precinct)
3:24:50 5th caller does not know the address (call taker sends up the call to Hermitage Precinct)

The ECC says the 3rd caller gave limited information and didn’t include the call in its timeline.

The EEC says the call taker handling the 5th call used a computerized “criss-cross directory”, or electronic phone book, to find the correct address. But the only location provided was the long-established restaurant at 816 Murfreesboro Pike.  The site of the shooting was more than 8 miles away at the Waffle House at 3571 Murfreesboro Pike, which opened as a new location in late 2017, was not listed in the “criss-cross directory.”  
It took more than 2 minutes to determine the correct address and dispatch police to the Antioch Waffle House. 

MORE: Callers didn’t know the address and each was using a cell phone.

Dispatch audio provided by Broadcastify also shows the confusing moments when the Nashville Fire Department was sent to the scene.

After an automated call was put out on the Fire Department radio, a Fire Commander contacted dispatch about the nature of the call. Department spokesman Joseph Pleasant says this is standard.

The dispatcher explained there was a code 9000, which means a mass shooting, and the Fire Commander had another question.

“Advise the companies en route to what’s going on?”

After no response, the commander put out the call.

“All responding companies: stage way back, out of sight until PD has cleared the scene,” he said.

It’s unclear when paramedics were allowed inside the restaurant. However, Vanderbilt University Medical Center has said the first patient arrived at their facility at 4:08 a.m., about 40 minutes after the first 911 call.

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