There’s a new real estate company in Nashville, that promises to sell your home within 90 days, or they’ll buy it.  

The company is getting its start in Nashville because the real estate market is so strong. 

It’s called Felix. It was started by a young entrepreneur after his parents sold the home he grew up in and ended up losing thousands of dollars on the sale.  

It was then that he decided to start his own real estate company that works a little differently than others. 

“My motivation for starting Felix Homes actually was because of my own frustration in the home selling process. Trying to find a way to really incentivize agents to not sell your home quickly but sell your home for the highest price. And so, what we’re trying to do is optimize both for time, and for price, and really come up with a very consumer friendly model,” explained Tyler Forte, CEO of Felix Home. 

Forte said his company provides all the services of a traditional, local real estate company, but there are three key differences. 

He said, “The first aspect is we’ll give home sellers up to two percent of their home’s value just for listing with us. The second one is we give a guaranteed offer. So, if we can’t sell your home within 90 days, we’ll offer to buy it for a guaranteed price. And we tell you that price on day one. We’ve given you this guaranteed offer and anything we can make over that price, we get to keep as our commission.” 

That’s how Felix agents make money, and they cap their earnings at six percent. 

The company just launched this month, and Nashville was chosen as the starter market for a number of reasons. 

Forte told News 2, “Really it’s a perfect market for us because it’s grown quickly, there’s just a ton of demand, and we don’t really foresee any slowdown in the near future.” 

He said he and his team observed everything from days on market, to how quickly the city’s growing, and the supply and demand in the market, and the stars aligned in Nashville. 

Forte said if the company acquires too many houses that aren’t selling, they have investors to cover the risk. 

If you’re thinking about listing your home, go to and click “get my offer.”  

You’ll send your name and email address, and an agent will contact you to walk you through the process. 

If you want to know more about the company, click here.