Metro police say 42-year-old Shalinda Gordon was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend Sunday night, even though he wasn’t supposed to have a weapon. 

An order of protection obtained by News 2, shows Gordon feared for her and her child’s safety.  

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A judge ordered that 39-year-old Jermaine Bailey not possess any firearms while the order of protection was active.  

In the order, Bailey stated he doesn’t have any firearms. It’s still unclear how he got the gun he allegedly used to kill Gordon.  

“These offenders are on the honor system,” said Beth Joslin-Roth, policy director for the Safe Tennessee Project. “If they tell a judge they don’t have any firearms the judge has to take their word for it.” 

Roth is now working on a new law that wouldn’t let gun owners give their firearms to family or friends if they are convicted of domestic violence. 

“What we know is that most often an offender knows the person they’re giving the guns to,” said Roth. “They know when they go to work, they probably have a key to their home, and they probably know where the gun is stored. So, this third-party dispossession is a joke.” 

Right now, domestic offenders can “dispossess” their weapons by selling them, giving them to police or handing them over to family or friends. 

Roth said she already has the support of local and state law enforcement and prosecutors.  

“They share my concern and desire to do everything that we can to try to close those loopholes to keep our community safer and to keep women safer,” she said. 

Roth said the law will be ready in time for the 2019 General Assembly.