NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Come Monday, a new app created to help you out with chores, tasks, and projects around the house will be available.

One day it’ll be offered across America, but it originated and will roll out right here in Nashville.

“I’m the dream. I dream up a lot of stuff,” said Willis Johnson.

Johnson knows a thing or two about creating businesses. It all started when he took his auto scrap yard and transformed it into a multi-million dollar global business through the internet.

“I had retired about six years ago and had not been traveling a lot, and I decided to go to New York City with one of my presidents and he Ubered a car, and I had not been around it,” he told News 2.

It was that Uber trip and a conversation with friend Greg McCollum, who started a handyman business, that Johnson’s wheels started turning.

“What if we came up with a program for handymen that only did small jobs under two hours, under $200, but we could show up like Uber does?” he recalled asking.

That’s how the app Takl was born.

Service providers can sign up, register and choose their skill sets, then accept chores as they come in when they want.

Those who use the Takl app can choose from thousands of small jobs they need done and request a provider to come help.

Jobs consist of everything from folding or ironing clothes, cleaning kitchens, cutting up branches outside, and teaching people how to fly-fish-almost anything someone could do for under $200 in under 2 hours.

The app now has over 3,900 providers who have all gone through extensive background checks.

It was created right here in Nashville, which is why Johnson says it’s only right Nashvillians have the first chance to try it out.

“Hope Nashville backs us all the way, and it will be the founding ground of a future company of America.”