NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Workers who respond to dangerous power outages for the Nashville Electric Service (NES) are able now to train inside a controlled training facility in Madison.

NES provides electric service to more than 370,000 customers in Middle Tennessee.

Often times when dangerous weather takes out power to the area, NES workers brave the elements to repair substations and power lines.

The safety training they get used to happen during real situations sometimes or had to be postponed due to the elements, but not anymore.

“It doesn’t matter if it is raining or what the weather is like; it is never too cold, too hot or too wet,” NES Technical and Safety Trainer Jeremy Woodside said. “A lot of safety training gets moved because of those three things.”

NES cut the ribbon on the new training facility on Myatt Drive Saturday.

The center includes a simulation lab, police climbing platforms for linemen and power lines to train how to safely disable live wires.

“That is one of the things linemen do that people don’t realize,” Woodside said. “We are up in a bucket truck fighting the elements as we work.”

NES also wants the facility because the utility is hiring a lot of new people to replace retiring workers.

“We have a lot of people retiring,” NES Spokeswoman Laurie Parker said. “We have an older workforce so we are ramping up hiring and training.”

She continued, “This is the perfect opportunity for this center to be opening.”

The center is one of only a handful like it in the entire country. NES spent years designing the center as the company increased its focus on worker safety.

“Safety has been a big priority for our company for many, many years but in the last five years we have been more focused on that priority,” Parker said. “Part of that was building a training facility solely for the purpose of training our employees so they can go home safely every day.”

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