Neighbors help child allegedly being terrorized by mother


MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some Maury County residents are credited for helping rescue a child who was allegedly being terrorized by her own mother over the weekend.  

It all began with a series of 911 calls on Sunday morning.  

That’s when people began reporting a naked woman yelling and chasing a young girl who had blood on her clothes. 

Reba Thomas was one of the witnesses. The 35-year-old told News 2 she heard the commotion from inside her home near Pamela and Melissa drives, just south of Columbia.  

“I heard screaming and hollering and some more screaming and hollering and I got up and looked out my window and I saw the back of the child and the woman. The woman – she was naked,” Thomas said.  

Thomas told News 2 she called 911 and that she watched as the woman chased the girl across Pamela Drive through homes toward Melissa Drive. 

“The child took off running and the woman took after her,” Thomas explained.  

Thomas said the naked woman was a guest of the woman who owns the home next to her.  

According to Thomas, after the naked woman returned to the home, she got dressed and began driving around the neighborhood looking for her daughter.  

“She goes and slows up and says, ‘My baby! My baby!’” Thomas said.  

Not far from this location, another woman, who is sheltering the scared child, also called 911. 

“I called 911 because she said her mother stuck her pen in her mouth – stabbed her with a pen,” the woman said.  

According to the woman, who preferred News 2 not give her name, the little girl is eight-years-old. She said when the girl arrived at her doorstep her shirt was covered with blood.  

“She had no shoes on. There was blood on her shirt. I said, ‘Are you ok?’ And she said, ‘No, my mommy’s crazy,’ and she was scared to death. I said come in my house. and she said, ‘Don’t call my mommy! Don’t call my mommy.’ She had blood on her shirt and a drop of blood on her legs, and I said, ‘Can I look in your mouth?’ She wasn’t bleeding, but you could tell she did something in there,” the woman explained.  

The woman said she doesn’t know what precipitated the incident. 

“She tried to tell me a couple of things because her mom told her I lied to you about everything, and in between, she is telling me that my mommy is naked.” 

The little girl asked the woman to hide her and call an elementary school teacher in the county who the child said might protect her. 

According to neighbors, deputies canvassing the neighborhood told people to keep an eye out for a possible knife when they do yard work in the future.

Maury County Sheriff’s investigators refused to comment on the case. Multiple calls were not returned. 

Meanwhile, neighbors told News 2 that the woman crashed her car near the neighborhood and was arrested.  

Neighbors also told News 2 medical teams treated the child and she was taken to a local hospital for treatment.   

Who the woman is and what she is charged with are not yet known. 

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