Neighbors continue fight against Knob Hill development


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The planning commission is expected to make the final vote on a controversial development in West Nashville on Thursday night. 

The property up for discussion is on Knob Road and neighbors we spoke to are fighting it with all they have. 

“We want it to end here, now,” Rob Chieplicki told News 2. 

He lives in the area and is with Neighbors for Knob Hill, a group that’s fighting a proposed development on knob road beside Highland Park Church. 

“It does not fit the characteristic of the community, it does not fit the characteristic of the neighborhood, it does not belong here,” explained Chieplicki. 

The church is selling around 35 acres, but it’s what they want to build that Chieplicki says is the issue. 

“The property owner wants to sell to a developer in Texas to build 30 lots with 40 to 42 homes on the lot.” 

Chieplicki says there are a number of reasons the group is opposed to it, including the character of the homes, the traffic, and safety. 

“There are reasons why homes are not built around the tower,” he said. 

With a TV tower looming above the development, Chieplicki says safety is a major issue pointing to led paint and ice chunks known to fall off of the tower. 

“It’s huge chunks that can damage cars and homes and hurt people.” 

He adds that the steep slopes on the property and flooding are also a concern. 

“The issue becomes an issue of liability to us. If we don’t stop it this property could be sold and be sold again and sold again. If they approve it, it’s not done that’s why we have attorneys.” 

Neighbors for Knob Hill has hired lawyers to continue the fight if it’s approved. 

The group is selling t-shirts to help raise money for those fees and they have started a Gofundme. 

Chieplicki says they have fought a similar development on the land before and won. 

An official with the church says the development will go as zoned with no variances or special treatment. He adds that it will be a gated community with multi-million dollars homes on it.

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