Thinking of downsizing but don’t want to ‘downgrade?’ There are plans for a whole neighborhood of tiny homes in Williamson County that could be just the place for you!

“Just think about a traditional ‘planned’ neighborhood with mixed facades, mixed people who live in these can have different professions, ages,” explained Alison Poland with Smarter Living Homes. “It’s just that mindset of wanting to live smart and simple that brings these people together. And frankly, being able to fit almost 12 of these per acre with green space, and areas for people to congregate and have activities — that opens up a lot of opportunities.”

These homes are different from traditional “tiny homes” for a few reasons.

“We are the ‘tiny home’ cousin. We are the traditional house footprint that you think of — just shrunken down to a smaller size — and we’re on permanent foundations, we’re not on wheels,” Poland explains. “We’re sustainable. We’re made out of steel and concrete, and there are huge benefits to that. Every square foot of our buildings has technology in them that allow you to utilize your house by your phone.”

All of Smarter Living’s homes have custom designed details, like lighting, flooring, and fixtures. Some even have elevators!

Construction is also a little different because the builders use recycled materials.

“We chose steel because, if you think about a traditional [2000s-style], wood-framed house, that is taking 20 trees,” Poland said. “Then you think about how we’re building our homes — we’re building them more efficient, we’re building them to meet code at a higher level, safety at a higher level, and we’re not using trees. We’re using five recycled cars.”

The homes range in size from 590-950 sq. feet. Buyers can also choose from three floorplans, the largest is a two-bedroom/two-bathroom set-up. 

Prices start at $175,000. Depending on finishes, you could pay upwards of $300,000.

“After years and years of research on how we can solve some of our housing solutions around here — [we learned that] over half the population in Nashville [are] single professionals that are looking to live close to the city,”  Poland said. “These homes can be used for not just retiree communities — they can be corporate housing, they can be in mixed-use communities where we need additional housing.”

You can expect to see the new neighborhood of tiny homes in June.

Smarter Living Homes is also planning one of these “tiny neighborhoods” in East Tennessee.

You can take a closer look at plans for these homes during the three-day Nashville Home and Remodeling Expo at the Music City Center. 

The show runs until 9 p.m. Friday. The show will also be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Adult admission is $11 at the door or $9 online. Children age 12 or under get in free!