Neighbor reacts to raid on Murfreesboro home that housed barcode shoplifting ring


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sam Brown remembers the large police raid just steps away from his home last week.

“They were there for about three days, putting it into a moving van,” Brown said.

He lives on Ursuline Lane where police confiscated more than 6,000 toys worth nearly $1 million from James Adkins’ home.

“The garage was completely full of toys,” Detective Chris Pitts with Murfreesboro. “The bonus room was completely full of toys, just toys everywhere.”

Police say Adkins and 44-year-old Daniel Germany were running a shoplifting ring using fake bar codes to buy expensive toys for cheap then reselling them on Ebay.

“Star Wars, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean,” Pitts said.

“So instead of say an $85 LEGO set, it would ring up as a Star Wars toy for $12 or $13,” he said. “They paid much less than what the items were worth.”

Pitts says the men sold the items on their eBay store The 7 Towers. Police believe the shoplifting ring may have been going on for two years.

“We were kind of taken aback by the scale of things,” Pitts said. “We weren’t prepared to deal with the scale of things.”

Neighbors like Brown say they’re in shock such a huge illegal operation was going on just a few doors down.

“We’d drive past their house everyday and see packages always out on the front porch and never knew what they were about but now we know,” Brown said.

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