NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While there have been reports of a nationwide pumpkin shortage, so far, it hasn’t been a problem in Middle Tennessee.

Jimmy McCully of Amazin’ Acres of Fun farm in Sparta, TN said that they had a pretty good year with their 14 acres of pumpkins. “Barring any unforeseen severe weather or something like that, that might wipe them out. It looks like we’ll get through this year unscathed on the pumpkins,” said McCully.

Amazin’ Acres of Fun offers a lot of fun fall activities and has a wide selection of pumpkins in their patch that visitors can buy. This year’s crop was better than anticipated.

According to McCully, there was some concern early on in the harvest that there wouldn’t be as many small pumpkins ready for the Halloween season, “We do have a good crop yes. It didn’t start out looking real good on the front end.”

Heat and too much rain in the spring and summer are often the culprits for a less than stellar pumpkin growing season. Supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic are also having an effect on pumpkin availability in some areas of the country.

For those who are looking for canned pumpkins for holiday treats like pumpkin pie, local grocery stores have not experienced any shortages yet. News 2 reached out to Kroger about the potential pumpkin shortage and in the Middle Tennessee area and no shortage of pumpkin products is anticipated at Kroger locations in the area. 

Meanwhile, about half the country is experiencing drought conditions, causing pumpkin farmers, especially on the West Coast, to see fewer varieties and smaller yields.