Your old bra could save a turtle


INDIAN TRAIL, NC (CNN NEWSOURCE) – An animal rescue group in the Charlotte, North Carolina area wants your old bra.

This is not a joke. They use them to help injured turtles recover.

“It acts like a little fixeter,” Keenan Freitas with the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said. “It’s the eyelets that we need.”

There’s a group of people after your unused unmentionables.

“80 percent of them are hit by cars, the other five percent are hit by boats, the remaining are environmental,” Freitas said.

When these sometimes shattered shells come in, they’re not in good shape and in the summer, there’s a whole lot more of them.

“It’s when it rains, that’s when they’re moving to lay eggs, so when it rains we get a ton of turtles in,” Freitas said.

The team repairs the reptiles using some glue, a little tape and bra clasps.

“It’s just these little ingenious things that people have created in the past that we can use today to help animals out,” Freitas said. “You basically wire the shell back together.”

It’s affordable for this nonprofit and sustainable.

“Recycle something that would go into a landfill, and I mean they’re helping a turtle, who want to help a turtle?” Freitas said.

When it’s time to release the turtles back into the wild, Freitas says they wear the glue down a bit and the clasps pop right off. 

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