Woman captured on camera slipping 6-pound ham into her skirt


You never know what will be spotted on security cameras.

But a grocery store owner in Oklahoma definitely saw something he never expected.

He was trying to figure out what happened to missing inventory and it turns out the disappearing act is actually a theft.

“It is magic, it is literally magic.”

Magic is all well and good unless you are making stuff disappear by stealing it.

At first glance at the surveillance video, you just see three people looking at a cooler. But the video captures a woman slipping a six-pound ham in her skirt.

The woman slips the ham into her skirt and just walks away. No one the wiser as she leaves with the ham perfectly hidden.

“It was a surprise moment more than anything. That you can walk out a store that is 1,000 square feet with seven or eight pounds of stuff in your skirt,” said owner Alex Kotlovenko.

But it doesn’t stop there. Alex says the woman already had several packages of bacon in her skirt.

And after getting a good look at her face, he is pretty sure this isn’t her first time in the store.

“I feel like I have seen them specifically around because one of the cameras caught the front of the SUV.”

To keep this kind of thing from happening again, Alex says he plans to ban baggy clothes.

“It is almost the same concept as ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service.'”

But a lawyer says he has to be careful refusing service strictly on clothing and not by race, color, creed, or religion.

“As long as the denial of service is uniformly applied and not based on one of those prohibited categories or protected categories, then a business owner is within his rights to set certain standards,” said lawyer Casey Davis.

The cameras provided a good look at the woman’s face but no word on if police have opened an investigation into the theft.

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