Woman alleges boss at Nebraska car dealership gave her noose-shaped twist tie


(Source: WOWT)

OMAHA, NE (WOWT) — A former-employee at a Council Bluffs, Nebraska car dealership claims her boss put a twist tie on her desk that was twisted to look like a noose, echoing similar events in recent days.

Nikki Griffy says the incident was so shocking that she no longer works at the dealership, but she wants her story to be told.

Nikki says her troubles started last month when she was on her job working with a customer when a manager put something on her desk.

“And my customer was like, ‘Uhh, what is that,’ she was like, you know, kind of angry and I looked and I picked it up and it was a black twist tie tied up as a noose,” Griffy said.

That customer was Christina Wilson.

“And one of her bosses came out and had something in his hand and he said, ‘Nikki, I got something for you,’ and he put it on her desk and before he walked away. So we just looked at each other like that ain’t right,” Wilson said.

Wilsons said Griffy showed the twist tie to another employee.

“And when she showed him, he was like, ‘this ain’t funny,’ he was really upset,” Wilson said.

Griffy said her boss came back and wrote something on her calendar: “I like you.”

Griffy said she was so upset she filed a complaint with the Council Bluffs Police Department.

The complaint simply says the victim reported harassment at work.

We are not naming the dealership or the employer because police said the investigation is no longer active.

“Because we had conflicting stories from both parties that we cannot prove 100 percent what exactly occurred,” said CBPD Sgt. Brandon Danielson. “It’s inactive with the possibility of being reopened if future evidence arises.”

The dealership responded with a statement:

“We pride ourselves on an inclusive, professional culture. When we were alerted to the situation with this valued employee, we took it very seriously. We welcomed the investigation from law enforcement and cooperated fully. It is our understanding the authorities have completed their investigation but if any further information comes to light we will be ready to fully cooperate.”

“So it’s like the police denied me, the business denied me. You know, and I’m just stuck out here alone basically not having no work, no job, no income and they’re contesting my unemployment. I’m at zero,” Griffy said.

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