WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. (KLAS) – A few folks enjoying the long three-day weekend at Lake Tahoe got quite the scare after discovering an uninvited guest in their car.

Nevada’s Washoe County Sheriff’s Office responded on Sunday to reports of a bear that had gotten trapped inside a vehicle, reportedly after the owners of the car discovered the animal themselves.

Deputies said they “coordinated a plan” to free the stuck bear, which involved tying a long rope to the rear passenger door handle, standing back, and then yanking open the door from afar.

The sheriff’s office also posted footage of the “bear rescue” on Facebook.

Video taken afterward showed major damage to the interior of the car, and particularly the siding and the car seats.

“Spring is an active time for our bear population and [this incident is] a good reminder to be bear-aware when enjoying the beautiful outdoors,” the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the caption.

The sheriff’s office also warned residents and visitors not to leave food, food wrappers, coolers or scented items in cars, and to always deposit trash in bear-proof containers. They also directed viewers to two websites — TahoeBears.org and BearWise.org — for more tips to stay safe during bear season in Lake Tahoe and beyond.