Video shows moment trooper was hit while helping stranded driver


On Sunday, Sgt. Cade Brenchley was in Sardine Canyon, Utah helping drivers who had slid off the road when he was struck by a vehicle from behind.

The trooper’s dash cam was rolling the moment it happened.

“When you see the video…it’s pretty impressive. I think it’s important when you watch you remember this man is still alive,” Sgt. Brenchley’s doctor, Dr. Allen Anderson, said.

Dr. Anderson said the trooper suffered broken ribs and a broken scapula.

The video released by the Department of Public Safety is shocking.

Sgt. Brenchley flies through the air after he is slammed by a car coming behind him. Immediately after he was hit the video shows many people on the scene who stopped to help the trooper.

“It’s amazing what happened from the public…amazing how many people stepped up at this point and tried to help,”  Lt. Lee Perry with Utah Highway Patrol said.

When Sgt. Brenchly came to, Lt. Perry said he instructed a man trying to help him to go radio for help.

“Copy…anyone on?” the mans says.

“Who you looking for?” a trooper responds

“I need an ambulance…one of your officers has been hit by a car. Mile marker 215, Sardine Canyon,” he tells the other trooper.

“10-4” the trooper says, then calls for help.

Sgt. Brenchley is a second generation trooper with Utah Highway Patrol. The 13 year UHP veteran is husband and father of four. Tuesday he spoke for the first time since he was hit.

“A lot of people fee like ‘I can go faster than some of these other cars’…but., we need to slow down,” Sgt. Brenchley said.

“We’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on around us. When there is snow on the road, you’ve just got to check your ego and slow down,” he said.

“I don’t think there is any doubt that this should have taken my life,” he said. “There’s more at stake driving down the road. There’s people with families, not just me, but there’s people with families that want to get home. We’re trying to help you guys get where you’re going safely and when things like this happen, it changes the dynamic.”

Officials say he is the 11th trooper to be hit this year. Last year, 10 troopers were hit.

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