CHICAGO (WGN) — At least one person was injured after a school bus crashed into a house on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

The incident happened around 8:20 a.m. Wednesday. Police said a 63-year-old bus driver hit a parked vehicle and a city utility pole before crashing into a home.

There were three people on the bus at the time of the crash — the driver; a child in a wheelchair; and the child’s 43-year-old female caretaker, who was transported in stable condition to a hospital with neck pains. No major injuries were reported.

Homeowner Myra Rivera was working from home when she was startled by the moment of impact.

“I heard this big loud crash. It seemed like the whole house was coming down and I was afraid to look and I didn’t expect to see what I saw,” Myra said.

When Myra came to the front of the home with her puppy, she reportedly “saw the bus in my window.”

Myra told News 2’s sister station, WGN, that she immediately called her husband.

“She called me and said, ‘There’s a school bus inside the house,’ and I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?'” said Eliot Rivera.

“He couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘I’ll be right home,'” Myra added.

The bus plowed into an area of the home where Myra said she usually sits.

“I do sit in the chair in the front room,” she said. “I have my angels up there.”

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Neighbor David Feller said he heard a bang but had no idea what had happened until he came outside and realized his Chrysler had been damaged.

“I didn’t realize my neighbors hated my car that much. I know it’s not a Mercedes and it’s a little worse for wear like me, but you didn’t have to run a bus into it,” Feller joked. “Wait until I get the repair bill and interview me then.”

No citations were immediately issued, and it is unclear exactly what caused the crash to happen.