NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — “How did you sleep last night?”

A survey suggests that if you’re in the majority, the answer to that question is “not well.”

U.S. News found millions of Americans are struggling to get a good night’s rest. In the survey, 2,001 Americans were asked about their sleep habits, quality, products and more.

The majority of Americans, an estimated 41%, said they are losing sleep worrying about inflation and the future cost of living. In fact, the latest Consumer Price Index released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Americans are continuing to face the worst inflation rates in over 40 years.

The survey found COVID-19 and gun violence in America are also two prominent factors that keep Americans up at night. Haniya Rae, Sleep Features Editor for U.S. News, says the results show that U.S. residents are concerned for the future.

“I believe Americans are really concerned about their future,” says Rae, “You know, we have unprecedented levels of stressors in the external environment, and even internally because they’re worried about money, and they’re worried about where the economy is going.” 

Nearly half of all Americans have a regular sleeping partner, but the survey suggests that could hinder a night of restful sleep. In fact, 47% said their partner’s snoring has led to sleep troubles and only 64% report waking up well-rested one or more times a week.

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Rae said it’s time for Americans to stop putting sleep on the back burner and make it more of a priority in everyday life.

“We spend a third of our lives asleep, but it’s sort of something we put on the back burner because we’re not conscious during that time period,” said Rae, “Whereas somebody would spend, I don’t know, several tens of thousands of dollars on a car, but we don’t consider this same type of money to spend for sleep, even though it’s super important to our health.”

It seems Americans value a great night’s sleep, the problem is, they don’t get that perfect rest, suggests the survey. The survey adds that 18% of Americans would even give up their cellphones for a month just for a night of perfect sleep.