Rush Limbaugh refers to Buttigieg as ‘Gay Guy’ during radio show


(CNN Newsource) – Are Democrats in panic over one of their Presidential front-runners?

Medal of Freedom winner Rush Limbaugh seems to think so, pointing a finger at former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is gay.

Limbaugh recently said this on Wednesday during his radio show:

“They’re sitting there and they’re looking at Mayor Pete. 37-year-old gay guy, Mayor of South Bend, loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage. And they’re saying, okay, how is this — a 37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage next to Mr. Man, Donald Trump. What’s going to happen there? And they got to be looking at that. And they’ve got to be saying, that despite all the great progress and despite all the great wokeness, and despite all the great ground that’s been covered, America is still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage president. They have to be saying this, don’t they? Now, there may be some Democrats who think that is the ticket. There may be some Democrats who think that’s exactly what we need to do. Get a gay guy kissing his husband on stage, ram it down Trump’s throat, and beat him in the general election. Really. Having fun envisioning that.”

According to the latest Gallup poll, it’s not Buttigieg’s sexual orientation that would give voters pause, it’s actually his age. He’s 38-years-old.

Seventy-eight percent said they’d vote for a gay person to be President, but only 70% said they’d vote for someone younger than 40-years-old.

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