Questions of CBD oil legality raised after great-grandmother’s Disney World arrest


The recent arrest of a great-grandmother at Disney World is raising a host of questions about the legality of CBD oil. She was taken into custody because she had a small bottle of it in her purse.   

“After a long workout, we box a lot,” said Moe Abukhdeir.

Abukhdeir has used CBD oil for years.

“Just to recover. We get a lot of inflammation, arthritis, back pain,” he said.

He’s not the only one. Thousands of people and hundreds of shops in the Tampa Bay area are now selling CBD products.

But Orange County deputies say CBD oil was the reason one North Carolina grandma was arrested at Disney World last month.

The drug charge was dropped and now she’s looking to sue Disney and the sheriff’s office.

“Why they arrested her, we don’t know, but there shouldn’t be any confusion between CBD/hemp oil. It’s on the shelves,” said Abukhdeir.

Shelves like the ones at Hot Wax South Tampa.

“There’s no THC in it whatsoever. You can even look on the packaging. It says ‘No THC.'” It even says it in big letters,” said Jessica Alberts, a Hot Wax South Tampa employee.

The confusion may lie in FL statute 381.986, which covers medical marijuana.

CBD oil made from marijuana must come with a doctor’s prescription, but a federal law passed recently allows CBD oil made from hemp to be sold as long as it has less than 3 percent THC; the component that causes people to get high.

“I think there’s probably some confusion ’cause it’s something that you’re ingesting and it has medicinal purposes, so right away, some cops are wary of that I guess, but there’s no reason to be,” said Alberts.

Tampa police use the federal law as their guideline on dealing with people and shops with CBD.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office makes sure shops are selling just CBD oil with no THC.

Sarasota police see it as a public health issue. They prefer people get their CBD from a licensed CBD shop. 

For so many who use CBD, they hope to see clarity through the haze of confusion.

This is an issue that may not be completely resolved until legislation and possibly regulation comes from the state. 

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