People line up to take selfies with ‘Magic Potty’ in Missouri


LEES SUMMIT, Mo. (WDAF/NEXSTAR) — A lot of people try to avoid porta-potties, but this Lee’s Summit, Missouri toilet has people stopping by in droves.

Dubbed the ‘Magic Potty,’ the porta-potty is decorated with Christmas lights.

Troy Jackson started the trend four years ago after he became frustrated with a porta-potty that was left over in his neighborhood after a city project.

“They accidentally just left it there, so I got frustrated one year and when my daughter and I were out doing the lights at our house, I got a little angry and said, ‘Forget it. Let’s go decorate the porta-potty and call it a day.'”

Now, the Magic Potty has a cult following, with visitors stopping by all holiday season to take selfies.

You can keep up with the Lee’s Summit Magic Potty on Facebook.

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