BOSTON (NewsNation/Nexstar) — A passenger was arrested at Logan International Airport in Boston on Monday after attempting to bring a self-defense device known as a “vampire straw” through security, officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said.

The item, a drinking straw featuring a sharp pointed tip, is described by an online retailer as an “edged instrument” that can double as a dagger or a “very effective tire deflator.”

“The straw’s strength, length and dagger-like point make it a prohibited item,” TSA spokesperson Dan Velez confirmed in an emailed statement to News 2’s parent company, Nexstar.

The item was confiscated by Massachusetts State Police, the TSA said. (Source: TSA)

The passenger, identified as a 26-year-old male, had also concealed the straw “among titanium chopsticks in his carry-on bag,” Velez said.

TSA officers turned the item over to the Massachusetts State Police, who arrested the passenger “on a state charge,” according to the TSA. State police later confirmed he had been charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, the Associated Press reported.

The passenger is scheduled to appear for an arraignment on May 30, according to the AP.

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The TSA, meanwhile, provides an extensive list of prohibited items on its “What Can I Bring?” webpage, which includes specific criteria for sharp objects.

The agency additionally notes that on-duty TSA officers are responsible for making the final call “on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”