Massachusetts farm feeds donated Christmas trees to goats


TOWNSEND, Mass. (CNN) — At Shay’s Flock of Fun Farm Christmas presents come in after December 25th. Goats chomp down on Christmas trees people donate every year to their farm in Townsend.

“Mentally, I’m trying to read their minds because when it’s Christmas time, we know that after Christmas they’re waiting for the trees,” said Jose Hernandez, the co-owner of Shay’s Flock of Fun Farm. “So I look at them and I know they’re waiting for a tree.”

Those Christmas trees have already been donated this year to the roughly dozen goats that can’t wait for their holiday treat.

“They know that there’s something coming to them and the minute they see someone dropping a tree, they just go like this,” Hernandez said, turning his head to imitate the goats’ actions. “They’re calling everybody else.”

The farm has been asking for people to donate their old trees for several years. Last Christmas they received about 200 trees.

“The fire department, they donated to us too,” Hernandez said. “And some other people that we know, they come in and they drop off too.”

This year, the farm owners plan to spread the wealth and give away any surplus of donations to other farms in the area.

So before trashing the tree, consider an environmentally friendly option that will make a goat gloat.

“They just have a good time eating it,” Hernandez said.

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