Its National Hangover Day!

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If you just get through today, you’ll never do it again right?

If you’re feeling this way today, Congratulations, you have a hangover!

And you’re not alone.

New Year’s Day is also National Hangover Day.

Queasy stomachs and headaches often follow a night of consuming too much alcohol.

There are a lot of folk remedies to prevent and cure hangovers — but scientists say most of them don’t work.

Drinking plenty of water does tend to keep your body hydrated, which may fight some of the effects of a hangover.

Meals rich in complex carbohydrates and protein can also slow the absorption of alcohol into your system.

However.. if you really overdo it, all the water and carbs in the world probably aren’t going to save you.

Time is the only proven remedy — so. sorry chief, you’re going to have to suffer through it.

And before you reach for a hair of the dog, doctors say drinking more alcohol is the worst thing you can do.

Wednesday is also a national Bloody Mary Day… but if you’re celebrating National Hangover Day, best forget that.

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