LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – The lucky winner of the $1.08 billion Powerball jackpot may have been spotted Thursday morning at the downtown Los Angeles store where the ticket was sold.

A woman wearing a black cap was seen darting from the store, hopping into a dark-colored BMW with tinted windows, and then driving away without speaking to reporters.

“She came in here and she screamed … She hugged people in the store and then she ran away,” said Eric Spillman, a reporter with News 2’s sister station, KTLA. “She claims that she has the winning Powerball jackpot ticket.”

California Lottery officials have not yet released the winner’s name, but they are required to do so eventually.

Potential Powerball winner
The possible Powerball winner darted from the store, hopped into a BMW, and then drove away without speaking to reporters on July 20, 2023. (Photo: KTLA)

Wednesday’s winning ticket was sold at Las Palmitas Mini Market on Wall Street.

Nabor Herrera, the owner, was unaware that he had sold the jackpot ticket when he arrived to open for business early Thursday morning. He was immediately greeted by a crowd of reporters.

“It’s a surprise for me,” Nabor told KTLA. “I don’t know what it is, filming or what.”

He receives a bonus of $1 million from the California Lottery.

Potential Powerball winner
A woman who claims to have the winning Powerball ticket is seen driving off in a BMW in downtown Los Angeles on July 20, 2023. (Photo: KTLA)

Whomever the winner is, they are the second Los Angeles-area billionaire minted by the Powerball lottery within the past year.

In November, Edwin Castro purchased a record-breaking $2 billion ticket at a gas station convenience store in Altadena.