Couple: Florida realtor used home for cat rehab, tried to cover smell

VALRICO, FL (AP) - A local couple is suing their real estate agent, alleging she never told them she'd been keeping abandoned cats at the house they bought.

Daniel McKay and Katherine Pulker said they pulled out the air fresheners and turned on the air conditioner shortly after buying the house and immediately noticed the overpowering stench of cat urine. The couple purchased the home hoping to move in before they got married in May. They still haven't moved in.

According to a lawsuit, they're suing realtor Deborah Clark and Link Realty for negligence, breach of contract and failure to disclose hidden defects that left the house "uninhabitable."

According to the lawsuit, Clark used the home to keep 25 cats under a nonprofit that she runs. They claim Clark tried to cover up the smells by installing new carpet and painting over urine stained drywall and insulation.

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