WASHINGTON (KXAN) — Matthew McConaughey and his wife were on the Lufthansa flight from Texas to Germany that was forced to land at Dulles Airport just outside of Washington, D.C., on Wednesday due to severe turbulence, Camila Alves McConaughey said on social media Thursday.

Lufthansa flight 469, which was heading from Austin to Frankfurt, experienced a bout of “brief but severe turbulence” around 90 minutes into the trip, a representative for Lufthansa said in a statement shared with News 2’s sister station, KXAN.

Upon landing at Dulles, seven people were taken to hospitals in the D.C. area Wednesday, though they were said to have suffered minor injuries.

Camila recalled the “chaos” in the cabin on Instagram, claiming she was told the plane dropped nearly 4,000 feet during the incident.

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She also posted a short video of what appeared to be food, napkins and plates scattered throughout the cabin after the turbulence, saying she refrained from showing the other passengers out of respect for their privacy.

“Thank God everyone was safe and OK,” she wrote.

NBC News tells KXAN that a source has confirmed both Matthew and Camila were on the flight. Camila, in her caption, also wrote that she and Matthew went straight to a hotel bar after passengers were provided with accommodations at a local Marriott for the evening.

“Slept well, getting on new flight today,” Camila said.