TONTITOWN, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA/NEXSTAR) — The Tontitown Police Department has responded to a viral video posted on social media of a man being forcefully arrested at his Arkansas home.

Police said they were contacted by a resource officer at Springdale Public Schools who was concerned about the teen’s welfare when he showed up at school with a piercing in one ear.

He told fellow students his dad had been drunk when he “put him in a choke hold and shoved the piercing in his ear,” officials stated.

Authorities said they went to the home of Jeremy Sherland, the teen’s father, to question him about what happened. While he admitted piercing his son’s ear, he reportedly refused to answer more questions or let police talk to his son. They left and came back with an arrest warrant.

Officers’ second visit to the home was partially captured on video. When they asked Sherland to step outside, police said he refused and blocked the doorway.

The video showed an officer push Sherland back into the house. Multiple officers held him against the wall and placed him in handcuffs, as a woman could be heard asking for an explanation. The person recording, who identified himself on TikTok as the teenage boy in question, asked, “Why are you doing this?”

When authorities stated the charge, Sherland laughed and said, “Body art without a license!”

The video then showed Sherland being placed into the back of a police car as the woman and the person recording followed officers into the street.

“Piercing his son’s ear without a license takes three cops, four cops?” the woman asked as the officers walk away. “They busted in my front door. This is the boy right here.”

“I wanted my ears pierced,” added the person recording, whose face wasn’t shown.

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Tontitown Police said Sherland violated the Arkansas law of “performing body art on a person under 16 years of age, regardless of parental consent,” which is a felony.

Sherland is also charged with endangering the welfare of a minor, refusal to submit to arrest, and obstructing governmental operations, officials said.

Sherland was released on bond late Saturday night. A hearing is set for Monday morning, according to the Washington County Jail’s website.