3 men steal shark from San Antonio Aquarium, disguise it as baby in stroller


SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WFLA/WOAI) – Three suspects in Texas stole a stolen shark from the San Antonio Aquarium by disguising it as a baby in a stroller.

Surveillance video captured the moments three suspects inside the aquarium stole a horn shark.

They’re seen scoping out the place, when minutes later, a man sticks his hand inside a tank and pull sout the shark.

The man then disguised the shark as a baby in a stroller.

An employee immediately noticed something wasn’t right and alerted management.

One of the suspects is later seen taking off in a truck, leaving the woman and a baby behind.

Police said there is a suspect in custody who has given a confession and says the shark is still alive.

Police are working to get a warrant and retrieve the shark to bring it back to safety as soon as possible.

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