NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As promised, Nashville Zoo’s Jungle Gym has reopened with a new addition: Thisbe and Noah’s Promise Park.

Marketing and Public Relations Director for Nashville Zoo, Jim Bartoo spoke with News 2 about the reopening, “We are finally in the Jungle Gym. Our members, and mothers, and fathers, and children have been incredibly patient with us as we finally refurbished the Jungle Gym.”

The popular area of Nashville Zoo first closed right before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit Middle Tennessee.

“It started as a general improvement project. Then, we were approached by Thisbe and Noah to add this Promise Park, and we thought it was a fantastic idea,” said Bartoo.

The Thisbe and Noah Foundation is a local organization that promotes research and awareness for children who have neurological disease.

“They really wanted to build a playground for every child. Children with all abilities,” Bartoo continued, “Kids that may have a little more trouble getting around, they now have a place to play with all the other kids.”

Promise Park was inspired by siblings Thisbe and Noah Scott. They both suffered from a rare nureolgical disease and passed away at a young age.

While children are now allowed back into the Jungle Gym area, Bartoo warned some areas are still closed off as there’s still some work to be done. “We’re working on a brand new coy pond for kids to look at.”

Other features for visitors to enjoy include a one-of-a-kind zipline that allows side by side play, double wide ramps on the playground equipment and a special scavenger hunt.

The fairytale-themed park is also a great addition to the Jungle Gym’s legacy.

According to Bartoo, the playground was first opened in 1997, and it was the largest community playground in the United States at the time.

“A lot of members, a lot of parents, come out here just to have their kids come do this. They buy a membership just to have their kids come out here and play,” said Bartoo.

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