NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While many of the animals you will see at the Nashville Zoo are on exhibit outside, you can visit the reptiles, fish, insects, and amphibians inside at the “Unseen New World”. That includes our jumping friends, the frogs.

“I have what is called an Anotheca Spinosa,” Holly Carneal, Nashville Zoo Herpetology Keeper explained. “This is a Spiny-Headed Tree Frog. They are native to Central America. You typically find them in Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, and southeastern Mexico.”

And spiny-headed he is!

“He actually has this nice little crown on his head,” Carneal pointed out. “It’s made out of his bones (frog jumps), which is very cool. Each frog has their own individual little crown.”

This male frog is part of a breeding program for spiny-headed tree frogs.

Carneal showed us the lady of the house.

“Here’s our pretty lady here. This is our nice beautiful female. So, females are much larger than males are. So, that’s to carry them around in amplexus. It kind of looks like a funky piggyback ride.”

And these frogs love to jump.

“They’re jumping on you, our photographer exclaimed. “Yes, they are,” Carneal replied. “They are jumping on me! Frogs are excellent jumpers. So, that’s a great mode of transportation for these guys is hopping. That’s why they have these long back legs. Very powerful for hopping. You kind of get used to it. You don’t flinch as much.”

The breeding program has had success. There are baby frogs. And they like to jump too!

“Here’s one of our little babies. This guy’s about two months old. So, after these guys hatch as tadpoles, Mom will come back to the court tube that they were laid in.”

And since the Unseen New World is inside, it’s a great place to take a break from the cold during the winter or from the heat during the summer.

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