NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A favorite attraction is returning to the Nashville Zoo for the first time in eight years. The “DinoTrek” exhibit begins this Friday, March 11.

Guests at the zoo will have a chance to embark on a prehistoric adventure with DinoTrek alongside a wooded trail featuring more than 20 life-size animatronic dinosaurs.

“They’ll hiss, growl, spit at you, and they range from T-Rex to Teredactyls, a lot of fan favorites,” Mallory Immel, Nashville Zoo Communications Specialist explained, “and we’re really excited.”

“This is the zoo’s third installation of DinoTrek. We haven’t had these guys out here since 2014. So, we’re really excited to get these back out here because we know that they’re a favorite among guests here that visit the zoo,” said Immel.

There is an extra admission four-dollar cost to typical zoo admission in order to view DinoTrek. However, Immel says anyone under two is free.

There are a few extra things for kids to see and do at DinoTrek.

“On the trail, you can see an egg that has not been hatched yet,” said Immel, “and you can go to our Nashville Zoo website and you can guess when that egg will be hatched, and you can win a house for membership here at the zoo, for whoever’s closest to that date and time.”

“Here on the DinoTrek Trail, there will also be a fossil dig area.  So, if you’re a young paleontologist wanting to dig up some fossils, you can do it for no extra fee, and you can dig up some fossils and enjoy that experience,” said Immel.

As you might expect, it’s quite a gargantuan task to put an exhibit like this together.

“Our twenty dinosaurs are from a company out of Dallas, Texas and they create these dinosaurs for museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and they ship them out so we can put on really cool attractions like Dino-Trek,” Immel explained.

“The DinoTrek team putting it together has been at it since 2021, 2022, and we have teams of our groundskeepers and our directors.  It really is a group effort to get this looking the way we want for the public when it opens, as well as the Texas company shipping out all the dinosaurs,” said Immel, “It’s a real team effort, but it’s really exciting to see it all come together.”

You can pay the extra four dollars to see DinoTrek either at the exhibit itself or at the entry village in front of the zoo.

DinoTrek will run from March 11 through July 31. To learn more see the Nashville Zoo’s Attractions Page.