NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Many people in Middle Tennessee are no strangers to goats or baby goats, and the trio at Nashville Zoo are adorable!

Nashville Zoo Hospital Keeper Courtney Blakey introduced us to three baby goats, Mirabelle, Bruno, and Louisa, who were all named from the movie Encanto.

“We are finishing up bottle raising them,” said Blakey, “They are in our nursery up at the hospital for about another week before they will go to their forever home down at Contact.”

“Contact” to Nashville Zoo visitors means “Critter Encounters” where visitors can interact with the goats and other animals.

“They are full of personality,” said Blakey, “They are very chatty, and they’re very personable, as you can see. So, they definitely know us. As soon as they see a person, they think there’s going to be milk involved. So, they definitely want to come over. They want to be involved with you. They want to have contact with you. So, they’re going to be wonderful animals to have down at our Critter Encounters.”

And they are not that difficult an animal to raise.

“Goats are pretty easy in the way of hand-rearing,” Blakey pointed out. “It’s a pretty normal thing. A lot of backyard farmers and people have goats at home a lot. So, they’re not super difficult. They’re very fun, though. I’ll tell you that!”

And they are full of energy.

“They’re kind of endless balls of energy,” Blakey said. “They love to jump and play and kind of do some parkour moves off of the walls, off of all their toys, and off of us. So, yes, they kind of have endless energy, especially when they think it’s feeding time.”

And as babies, they do cute baby things.

“They do cuddle together and take naps,” said Blakey, “They’re definitely babies. So, they’ll run around and do all sorts of crazy baby stuff, and then they’ll have their bottle and then they’ll settle in for a nap. Which is equally as adorable.”

So next time you’re at the Nashville Zoo, stop by Critter Encounters and say hi, or maybe “baaaa” to the baby goats!