Unseen New World at Nashville Zoo reopens

Nashville Zoo

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Now that the winter months are here, if you’re at the Nashville Zoo and you want to keep warm, the “Unseen New World” exhibit is back open.

It’s something you want to see no matter what the weather. Amphibians, reptiles, fish, even bats are on display for all to see.

“Right now, we’re just welcoming people back to The Unseen New World,” explained Katie Gregory, Nashville Zoo Herpetology Keeper.

The exhibit was closed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now more than 18 months later, they’ve reopened its doors.

“We’re able to open because a lot of the mandates have been a little bit more relaxed. And so, it’s a little safer for people to come in. We do recommend that if it’s more your preference, to wear a mask, please do so. And if not, that’s your choice. We just try to keep people distanced as much as we can inside. But we want everybody to be able to come back in and see all of those awesome wonderful reptiles and amphibians that we’ve got inside,” said Gregory.

And while the exhibit was closed, the zoo made several improvements and added new features.

“You can see all kinds of things,” Gregory said. “You can even see a mammal in there. We’ve got our fruit bats. But we’ve also got a whole array of freshwater and saltwater fish. We’ve got turtles and lizards, and snakes, and frogs, and any kind of amphibians and stuff. We’ve got a lot of different cold-blooded critters in there. We’ve got exhibits for different parts of the world, different parts of the climates.”

Gregory continued, “There are lots of new animals in there for you to see. Lots of new and different varieties of things. So, if you haven’t been, please come and stop by and see what we’ve got. There are lots of beautifully colorful and exotic things in there for you to see.”

And as usual, the Nashville Zoo is involved with animal conservation.

“We do have on exhibit some of our conservation species,” Gregory explained they have several creatures in the Species Survival Program. “We have worked with the alligator snapping turtles. And we are currently working with our eastern hellbenders. And we even have stream-side salamanders that we are working with.”

So take a trip into The Unseen New World at the Nashville Zoo, and see some animals you may never see unless you travel the world!

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