NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Olive is the second eland calf to be born at the Nashville Zoo. The two-month-old calf was born in June and has been recently introduced to the African Field exhibit.

She is the second calf born to mom, Indigo and third calf sired by dad, Ochre.

You may remember Murray. He was the first eland born at the zoo a couple of years ago.

Eland share their field with other species, so it’s important Olive is carefully introduced to the other animals.

“When we do introduce, we start with putting them next to each other with a barrier in between, just to see and smell each other. But they’re still safe,” said Morgan Fontenot zoo keeper.

Then the progress to full introductions, meaning they share space.

“Babies typically know to stay with their mom or their species in general, so they’re family. When they do get scared, even our very curious zebras know to respect the mom and that baby.”

The animals graze during the day, getting supplemented with hay, herbivore grain, and tree brough like elm, sweetgum and hackberry.

But, they also get extra treats. “Every day when we do their training, they get bananas, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  Sometimes they get fun other produce, like tonight they’ll get collard greens – which is not a part of their daily diet.”

Plus, they grow pretty big.

“Females can get up to 1,200 to 1,300 lbs. on the larger end of the spectrum. And they can stand about five feet tall, not including their horns.”

“But males are going to be much larger. So, Ochre, like I said is only three years old.  So, he’s only about a thousand pounds right now.”

She added he could be 2,000lbs when he’s full grown. “A big stud.”

You can see the eland along with the zebras, bontebok, and ostriches at the African Field at the Nashville Zoo.

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