NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville Zoo has had goats on exhibit for years, but this July they announced the birth of two Nigerian dwarf goats, a first for the zoo.

“They are the offspring of the parents Pekka (named after retired Nashville Predator goalie Pekka Rinne), our little breeder male, and then we have the mother that’s currently out there with them. This is Kimber,” said Dakota Sullivan, Nashville Zoo Contact Area Keeper.

The kids are “happy and healthy” males born July 5th.

“Mom is doing a really good job. You can see them out here running around and jumping and playing. And they are also having fun with our other little baby goats that we have out here that were brought in from another facility. And they’re also Nigerian Dwarfs,” said Sullivan.

The babies are on exhibit at the zoo’s Historic Farm. However, they will be moved in a few months to the Critter Encounters area.

So what makes them different from other species of goats?

“Nigerian Dwarfs, they do have a lot shorter stance; they’re a lot smaller of a goat breed,” Sullivan said. “They get up to maybe about two feet tall. And they get roughly close to sixty pounds. That’s kind of where they max out.”

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Like most goats, they enjoy interacting with people.

“Normally, they’ll kind of come up. They’re kind of like a dog with hooves,” Sullivan pointed out. “They have the same intelligence level as a dog. They just kind of are better at problem-solving, whereas dogs are better at following commands and things. Goats are a lot better at problem-solving and stuff.”

And just like a dog, they make good pets.

“People actually do have Nigerian Dwarfs as personal pets,” Sullivan said. “There are a lot of facilities here in the U.S. that breed them. There are a lot of personal farms that breed them and everything. So, they’re very popular with farmers and local people that just want pets.”

  • Nigerian dwarf goats
  • Nigerian dwarf goats
  • Nigerian dwarf goats
  • Nigerian dwarf goats

The species of goats originated from Africa and in the last century evolved into the domestic breed today. Although they’re not considered endangered, The Livestock Conservancy considers Nigerian dwarf goats rare.

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