NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville Zoo has made some upgrades to its free app to enhance the visitor experience.

“When you’re on-site at Nashville Zoo you can access six virtual zookeepers. And the zookeepers can give you a little bit of insight into the animal that you’re checking out. So, you can learn why giraffes’ tongues are purple or a little bit more about your favorite red pandas, and things like that all through the app,” said Mallory Immel, Nashville Zoo Communication Specialist.

To access the virtual zookeepers, Immel said there will be a QR code at each of the six exhibits. Plus, there’s more new features.

“While you are checking out the app you can access two virtual realities where you can enter literally into an African Savanna or tropical Asia, and you can look around and see different animals, and you can interact with the environment around you, which makes it a really immersive experience as you’re running to learn more about tropical Asia or African Savannah.”

With the new app, visitors can now earn “Paw Coins” by watching educational videos and collecting coins through the app while walking along the zoo pathways.

“Paw Coins allow you to take care of a little animal character there on your phone on the app. And you can give them enrichment toys, or you can feed and take care of them, things like that.”

While this is not new per say, the zoo always keeps its map on the app up-to-date.

“When you have your phone pulled up, you can see where you are in the park,  see what exhibit you’re next to, and it’ll help guide your way as you’re exploring Nashville Zoo.”

The app works while on Nashville Zoo grounds. You can download it when you first enter the Nashville Zoo with a QR code scan or by searching “Nashville Zoo” in your app store.

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