NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While Kalinda may seem like a typical high-energy Joey, she had a rough start in life. Kalinda’s leg was broken in an incident with another kangaroo when she was just six months old.

Nate Morris, Contact Lead Keeper, says Kalinda has recovered, “She got some pins, a plate in it to recover it, and now she is fully healthy and hopping around. And we’re putting her through some physical therapy to get her back to full strength.”

“Her break was just above her ankle,” says Morris, and physical therapy involves “making sure that Achilles tendon is strong enough for her to hop forward like normal and also not to stress it too much, so she doesn’t aggravate that break at all.”

While the break did not impact her growth, Kalinda did spend two months in a cast and hopping around without it has taken some getting used to, “We do watch her pretty closely. So obviously, she doesn’t have her sea legs or a whole lot of practice, so she’ll slip around a little bit on this grass,” says Morris.

Kalinda gets one supervised hour a day to hop around the Kangaroo Kickabout, and she uses it to get out her pent-up energy.

Because of her injury, Kalinda will be a lifelong resident of the Nashville Zoo, “At some point, we do think in the future she will have a male brought in and a family of her own.” Morris also says that “hopefully her kid has a better start in life than she did.”

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