NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The dog days of Summer are in full swing, and we’re not the only ones trying to dodge the sun.

The Nashville Zoo has taken precautions to keep their animals safe with toasty temperatures sticking around.

Tatum Davis, a Primate Zookeeper at the Nashville Zoo, introduced us to the white cheek gibbons and explained how they beat the heat.

Davis said that the zoo goes by the “feels-like” temperature, and if it feels like 95 degrees or above, they allow their animals access to their holding area which is airconditioned at a cool 70 degrees.

This is a great escape for animals all across the zoo! For some extra fun, animals all over the zoo are provided with frozen treats when temperatures start to soar.

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“The animals go in to get cool and then come back out to the exhibit. Ice treats are given out around the zoo as well to help the animals. These ice treats are usually frozen bananas, grapes, water, or coconut water. The animals will lick and chip at the ice until the treat is out…or they will wait for it to melt,” explained Davis.

If you are headed out to the zoo soon, Davis says resources for visitors include misting fans and drink stations.