NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Next time you’re at Nashville Zoo don’t forget to check out Garland and Tinsel. It’s too early for holiday decorations, we’re talking about the newest mother daughter duo.

Garland, a Sulawesi Babirusa, can now be seen on exhibit with her mom, Tinsel.

“Garland’s personality so far has been very adventurous,” said hoof stock keeper, Jenna Wolczyk. “She’s off exploring. And, she definitely gets her adolescent ‘zoomies’ from time to time.”

The two-month-old can now claim being the first babirusa piglet born as part of the zoo’s Species Survival Plan or SSP.

“Dobby had offspring before. So as soon as we introduced Tinsel he new his job, and he definitely showed interest in mom.”

Dobby, Garland’s dad, and Tinsel are a new couple at the zoo. They came on exhibit in spring of 2021.

Wolczyk said Dobby and his two gals won’t be on the exhibit at the same time for quite some time.

“Dobby the dad is staying away for the moment due to our SSP suggestions as far as breeding is concerned,” she explained. “We don’t want mom to breed too soon but also the offspring reaches sexual maturity from 8 to ten months.”

The plan will be for Garland to eventually find a new home to continue the SSP at another facility.

“Once we have the next home figured out, we’ll start training with them really soon. We’ll do separation training, target training, and exam training so she’ll be ready for her next home.”

Meanwhile, you can visit the babirusa along the zoo’s Bamboo Trail.

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