NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This is the fourth time DinoTrek has been to the Nashville Zoo, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. There will be 20 brand-new animatronic dinosaurs that move, roar, and even hiss and spit!

“They make sounds. They move up and down,” explained Roger Torbert, Nashville Zoo’s director of education. “Some of them spit water, just all kind of really cool stuff. The big one behind me, we’ve got two big ones, the giganotosaurus, and a T-Rex. And they’re actually kind of facing off to one another, and you’re going to be walking through the middle of their kind of battle scene.”

It took large cranes to move the large dinosaurs off the trucks they were shipped in on and into place throughout the park.

“Some of them are so big we actually had to lift them up and pull the truck away for them to be able to come out of it,” Torbert said. “At that point in time, we used some heavy equipment to move them into place.”

And this includes a very tall brachiosaurus.

(Courtesy: Nashville Zoo)

“Last year we had the T-Rex sitting up on a cliff as people walked across the bridge,” Torbert pointed out. “This year we actually have a brand new dinosaur, a brachiosaurus, that’s never been in the United States before. We’re the first zoo to have it. It’s 23 feet tall. And as you are walking around, the head of the brachiosaurus should be about eye level with you as you are walking across the bridge.”

And you, as an explorer, get to venture the DinoTrek trail where educational signage located by each dinosaur will allow you to learn fun facts about your old favorites like T-Rex, as well as lesser-known dinosaurs.

“The idea is, you come to the zoo and you want to see animals,” Torbert said. “We are showing what animals used to be like. And so, we’re seeing these pre-historic animals and what they look like in the natural setting. We have a really cool trail here. It’s really kind of immersive. You are kind of walking through in the woods and happening upon all these really cool dinosaurs along the way.”

DinoTrek will be at the Nashville Zoo from now through July 30.

For more information, see the Nashville Zoo’s website.

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