Nashville Zoo throws baby shower for Nasha the Giraffe to raise funds for ultrasound machine


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s definitely an exciting time at the Nashville Zoo! Nasha the giraffe is going to give birth any time now.

Dr. Heather Schwartz told News 2 about how things are going with Nasha and the need for a new ultra-sound machine here at the zoo.

“She’s doing really well. She’s progressing normally;” Schwartz explained. “So, she’s producing milk and starting to do what we call ‘bag up.’ She’s starting to show signs with all her development that the birth is imminent, so, it’s now just a waiting game.”

And there is a baby shower for Nasha and you can get involved. The zoo desperately needs a new ultrasound machine.

“We are doing a baby shower for Nasha,” Schwartz said. “And she’s actually going to kind of give back to the whole zoo because we’re trying to raise money for a new ultrasound machine that is being raised through the baby shower for her. So, it’s really cool.”

Dr. Heather Schwartz doing an ultrasound on Nasha at the Nashville Zoo

“Our ultrasound machine was purchased back in 2008. So, it’s been used and abused. We use it for everything from pregnancy detection in this giraffe, to ultasounding for medical concerns for all of the various animals throughout the zoo. So, it’s used all the time. It’s a valuable piece of equipment. But just through wear and tear, and of course any electronic equipment, they out-date the data and all that stuff. So, storage is also a problem with memory and things. It’s just not doing as much as it should. So, we really need to update our equipment. So, a new ultra-sound machine would be absolutely amazing for the zoo.”

If you would like to donate and also see three different live cameras of Nasha, go to our WKRN Baby Giraffe Cam Page.

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