Nashville Zoo gifted with new ultrasound machine


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Nashville Zoo cares for more than 3,000 animals, and it’s a big task even for the tiniest species. Now, new technology is helping make their job a little easier.

Through a generous donation from Tenvision Ultrasound, Nashville Zoo’s Veterinary Team received a new General Electric ultrasound to replace a 12-year-old model currently in use.

“This is a whole side of ultrasound that most people don’t see and taking care of animals that people don’t see and these animals require a lot of care,” explained John Zentz, product specialist with Tenvision. “As technology progresses these machines are getting more and more advanced, we are getting better imaging. They’re able to see the kidney, and the liver with a lot more resolution a lot higher detail.”

The new machine allows for more accurate readings for all animals, able to not only detect pregnancies, but also other health issues that may arise.

“An ultrasound will allow us to look at internal organs, it allows us to check for pregnancies, it has so many modalities to use that just improves our patient care,” explained Dr. Heather Schwartz with the Nashville Zoo.

Tenvision learned of the Zoo’s need for a new ultrasound machine after the Zoo partnered with News 2 to launch a baby shower fundraiser for the zoo’s expected giraffe calf. When the calf died shortly after birth, Tenvision stepped in to donate the device. Funds raised from the baby shower will be used to purchase additional ultrasound attachments that will further expand its abilities.

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